Let Us Be Familiar With Your Business

First, to develop a strong brand strategy we need to become familiar with your business goals and the generalities of your business plan.

We need to know the main goal of your business and the outlook for which you envisioned it so that we can take the first steps of developing your brand strategy correctly and firmly.

To become a professional, you need a brand book that we will deliver to you.

The Benefits Of Having A Strong Brand Strategy

Brand strategy defines what your brand is built on and the identity and messages you show to people through your marketing efforts.

In brand strategy, in addition to the elements that appear in the brand book and mentioned above, other items are identified accurately and purposefully. Some of the most important of these are:

  • A brand vision document is a kind of inspirational statement that identifies where your brand is going to go.
  • A brand mission is a statement that defines what the brand is aiming for and which customer needs do you meet?
  • Brand Value Proposition that characterize your business culture.
  • Brand personality that gives human characteristics to your brand to better connect the audience.
  • What is the reason that someone among your competitors chooses you? This reason shows the equity of your brand. The functional and emotional benefits of the brand determine this value.
  • Brand essence that reveals its soul and heart. Brand essence is what makes the customer loyal to your brand.
  • The brand slogan is a beautiful and memorable phrase that has the values ​​of your brand in its heart.

By discovering and intuition, brainstorming, and gathering results, we prepare and organize your oral and visual booklet and deliver it in the form of a brand book to pave the path of your future activities and efforts of your business.

Measure Your Visits

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Why Does Dr. KPI Team Pay Attention To Branding ?!

Take a look at the following statistics in 2021 to understand the need for a strong brand strategy.


The impact of brand authenticity on its success


The impact of visual identity, especially the color palette, on brand success


Align business activities with brand value


The impact of brand essence on its success

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